I place colors on each painting to create an active-like image that is born on the canvas through a process of interpretive painting. I work from photographs (sometimes multiple photographs), found on the internet or taken myself. My goal in each painting is to create a tension within and around the composition with colors that reflect how I respond and interpret the photograph. I paint intuitively, so each work starts with the intention of capturing the image represented in the photograph but the composition soon begins to transform into something different by my placement of the colors and how I respond to them in their new representation by my hand. This is my documented definition of the tension that is seen within my mind as I view nature and respond to it. I enjoy interpreting my visual memory of this fullness of color within nature and defining its transforming qualities. Atmospheric changes that occur in nature are brimming with complimentary colors that are surging and ebbing in an ever changing fashion. Images are both reflected and concealed.

                                                                                        Michelle Kaytaz